CCTV-DVR Services

CCTV-DVR Services in Dubai


Sumantra Computer Trading has been constantly on their feet to provide what their clients really need in their corporate environment. CCTV and DVR installation are among the many services that Sumantra has mastered over the years. They are one of the top CCTV installation companies in Dubai. This service is provided for both residential and corporate customers. Surveillance systems are a must for a corporate environment if they want to proper safety and oversight of their operations. We keep our clients’ budgetary constraints in mind and provide custom services according to their requirements.

Here are some of the best benefits that CCTV-DVR services in Dubai provide to our clients:

  • Security is one of the core requirements today, and the installation provided by CCTV installation companies in Dubai gives you a sense of relief even when being away from your property.
  • Theft is discouraged because of the possibility of being easily identified. The burglars are also advanced these days, and so a proper installation ensures that there is no loophole in the security system.
  • The client gets complete control over their property as they can get a live video feed on their mobile, tablet or laptop screens.
  • Safety and security strategy helps companies plan their customer strategies as well. Watching the recordings or live stream of how your customers are treated is a good way to plan on improving in customer strategies. On the other hand, retail floors also get the feature to look at the aisles and items that are not being paid much attention to. Therefore, monitoring these areas will help you to come up with proper business solutions.

The CCTV and DVR that installed by the CCTV installation companies in Dubai install are  cutting edge, and provide several functionalities to make your life easier.

Sumantra mode of operation – One of the Best CCTV Installation Companies in Dubai

Well, one of the most important things that Sumantra does is to look at a problem according to the customers’ needs. We take pride in providing the best services and ensure that the installation of CCTV and DVR equipment is done on time by the CCTV installation companies in UAE. In bringing forth a wide range of services, we bring together a team of experts who are experienced in providing the best services to the customers.

Practical installation

We believe that installation of CCTV by some of the CCTV installation companies in Abu Dhabi should provide the clients with several benefits of security with ease. So once our clients contact us with their requirement for a CCTV camera installation, we ensure that highest security concerns are given due regard, and then the right decision is taken for deployment. Once the installation is done, the team also handles training sessions to help users take the most advantage of their CCTV.

So, no matter whether it is a DVR installation by the CCTV installation companies in Abu Dhabi, video surveillance system, camera, security system and so on, we have a trained team of technicians constantly working towards providing you the best solution. Just get in touch with us and experience the best of installation and maintenance services.

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