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Video wall rental: Affordable Video Wall Rental in Dubai

Sumantra offers high-resolution LED Video Wall Rental in Dubai for corporate functions, exhibitions, and trade shows. Installing faultless video walls for events has unique difficulties, including the expensive initial setup and complex technologies required! You may now rely on us for specialized solutions because our skilled staff has perfected the method and boasts flawless craftsmanship.

Although most viewers choose video walls in larger settings, these walls can also be useful in smaller settings where a high pixel density and huge screen size contribute to a better viewing experience.

With Sumantra, you will not break the bank when you apply to rent a video wall. You can choose from a variety of options.

  • Select the size based on the requirement
  • We provide you with a wide selection of video wall rentals to choose from so that your tasks run smoothly.
  • Find updated and advanced technological video walls.

Events for which video wall rentals can be used:

Tailored SEAMLESS LED display options for indoor LED video wall rentals in small to large sizes. LED video wall rental displays are extraordinarily bright, typically twice as bright as a typical TV! The most common and in-demand uses for indoor LED video wall displays are business conferences, exhibition or tradeshow booths, and indoor events. “Experts with a thorough understanding of technology and logistics should handle the planning, designing, and installation of your LED video wall.”

Flexible LED video walls can be formed into a variety of curved shapes by bending them 180 degrees. Locations like the Dubai World Trade Center, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, the Sharjah Expo, and many more event venues in Dubai are used for commercial advertising.

  1. Conference Video Wall: LED video walls replace projectors with more advanced technology, and LED displays are typically utilized in small, medium, and large conference settings.
  2. Tradeshow Video Wall: An LED video wall is suitable for any type of trade show exhibit. Your films or other content are displayed on our backgrounds for trade shows. Additionally, we create unique options for concept-based exhibits. Any booth size may accommodate our bespoke free-standing indoor LED videowall poster.

Why choose Sumantra for Video wall rentals in Dubai?

In today’s technologically advanced world, accessibility and adaptability have become crucial, especially for the corporate and educational sectors. With Sumantra people can access to affordable and quality video wall rentals. Sumantra is the best option for renting services because:

  • Flexible Rental Options

    Sumantra caters to any need and budget. Thus allowing people to choose from daily, weekly or even monthly rentals with clear pricing and adaptable packages.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    Sumantra has dedicated customer support throughout the rental period. The team provides prompt and courteous assistance with any technical or logistical questions, ensuring a seamless rental experience.

  • Unleash Peak Productivity

    Sumantra offers video wall rental services in Dubai. We offer the newest models packed with cutting-edge features to boost your efficiency, whether for business, education, or personal use.

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