Server Rental

Server Rental in Dubai

Servers are at the core of IT industries, and so a lot of attention is given to details of these. We offer server rental in situations when you need office relocations, take up temporary backup, conduct training sessions, test new software, and so on. We have servers on rent that are affordable and customer friendly at the same time. Our qualified team of experts makes the installation and operation a hassle-free experience for you.

  • We offer affordable and dedicated servers on rent
  • We have long term rental plans and short-term plans as well
  • Customized solutions are provided according to your specific needs
  • You get to choose from a wide range of selection with latest models and get the best brands in the industry

Servers that review your operations

At Sumantra, we ensure that you get only the best of what is available in servers and also that everything is installed and delivered according to your organizational needs. Here is a list of what we make sure to deliver you on time.

  • Regular server backups
  • Proper functionality check
  • Cleanup of hard drive and preventive maintenance
  • Application functionality check
  • Antivirus updates and scans
  • Server administration
  • Proper email management
  • Installation of Microsoft updates
  • Microsoft Exchange Server administration
  • Proper remote access configuration and administration

Why choose us?

Well, there are numerous reasons that make us a preferred option for several industries. We have a competitive edge over other rental companies providing servers. You can rest assured that there will be no hole in your pocket. Sumantra believes in providing services to a wide range of businesses and giving priority to each client at the same time.

Once you hire our servers, you will experience hassle free service from our professionals available for you 24×7. Swiftness and excellence is what we need in servers, and the support team also live by the same principles. So, we have a turnaround time for solving problems and ensure that everything is taken care of in time. We have programs for server rentals designed according to specific customer needs; feel free to get in touch with us.

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