Storage & Back up Solutions

Storage & Back up Solutions

Sumantra has a great reputation of providing affordable storage and network solutions to several organizations working in a wide range of industries. Advanced network storage is all that you need if you are determined to be successful in these competitive times. In the modern world, the term cyber threat is similar to a hanging sword on most businesses and the higher risk brings storage and backup solutions to the fore. Rapid advancement and integration of new technology demands organizations to implement appropriate measures for storage and backup. As an organization, if you take these points into serious consideration it will help you be safe in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

Our standard approach

We realize the importance of taking proactive measures in this regard. If you do not take care, there are increased chances for you to make a mistake in your business strategy and suffer in the later stages. Our objective is to provide protection to your corporation from threats of losing data. We help provide professional storage and backup solutions for your huge data. We also help you in case you just want to store huge amounts of your data. We have a diverse line of products to offer you, and so we ensure that your data safety is handled with extreme care, and provide quick resolutions to you.

Why choose Sumantra?

Our goal is to provide efficient and fast resolution to our clients, and here are some of the top reasons our clients choose to partner with us:

  • The backup solutions and network storage that we provide range from network attached storage to the storage area networks. And we recommend services based on the specific needs of our clients.
  • Services offered by us feature windows storage network, buffalo NAS, and also storage area network so that we can provide fast resolution and serve bulk customers.
  • We provide a reliable IP networking environment that is suitable for IT and even home needs.
  • Sumantra is dedicated to provide 100% satisfaction for any of your queries. Our goal is to take the least amount of time to solve your network related issues.
  • Regardless of whether the threats are sophisticated or basic, you can be sure that we provide high performing and advanced solutions.
  • In order to provide high end services to our clients, we only use next generation solutions. Our team is always abreast with the latest technology being introduced in the market and uses it efficiently.
  • We help you simplify your IT infrastructure. It is the excellent tools, experienced professionals, and wide range of technology at our disposal that helps us stay a step ahead.
  • Network management that we provide includes cloud-based management, centralized device management, video and IP surveillance systems, unified risk management, and network testing that helps provide efficient solutions to all our clients.

As we deal with and handle numerous client queries each day, one important thing that we have noticed is that not all of them are aware about what solution is good for them. If you are confused on what is suitable for you and what is not, we will help you identify the perfect option that provides optimum results. Sumantra ensures that the solutions provided cater to specific needs of our clients.

Your security and safety

Having an appropriate storage and backup solution in place is highly important for you to make sure that your organization is safe. The investment that you make in this regard will go a long way in ensuring your operations run smoothly. So call us, and let’s discuss about all the possibilities available in this regard.

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