Troubleshooting has never been a problem because of our trained and experienced technicians. We provide professional troubleshooting services that involve fault finding, diagnostics, and so on. Our strength is the tech savvy team equipped with advanced tools to proceed quickly and efficiently. What do our experts to do to stand out in troubleshooting?

  • We spend time in identifying the exact cause of a problem
  • We provide flexible solution with an approach that is customer centric
  • Onsite support is provided for server, desktops, printers, and so on
  • We make sure that feedback is taken after servicing in order to get a clear picture about how the overall products are functioning

Whatever the complexities maybe in your products, our team ensures that we go the extra mile to make sure every problem is solved. Once our engineers identify a problem, they will recommend you possible solutions that can help resolve it. A skilled professional will easily help identify the problem and provide the best solution there is to you.

Why choose us?

  • Our approach is customer centric and we provide flexible solutions
  • To understand the exact cause of problem we delve deep into the issue
  • We ensure there is onsite support servers, computers, network and so on
  • Our engineers are trained and experienced to handle any serious issues as well
  • As soon as you contact us, we ensure that a quick resolution is provided to you at the earliest
  • After the servicing is done we also gather feedback from our customers to understand what they are feeling about our services

Our efficiency in handling the problems on time and providing a reliable solution separates us from the rest. There are a lot of possibilities of network, server, and other IT problems to occur in an industry. In this regard, our IT administrator or skilled engineer can quickly identify an issue and provide a reliable solution. As a result, we at Sumantra take pride at having a team that is reliable, technically sound, helpful, and experienced at the same time. If you have any issues, make sure to give us a call and get the best services out there.

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