10 Tips to Get the Most of Your LED Screen Rentals

The LED wall technology is one of the best ways to get the attention of the audience right from the front row to the last row of the entire event. It is one of the best types of tools to be used in a number of places such as huge galas, concerts, fancy gatherings, fast-paced marathons, private movie night’s et al. An LED Screen Rentals is just what you need for all these events.

LED Screen Rentals

If you are getting ready to rent LED screen rentals, here are a few tips to consider

1) Go for the right sized LED wall

LED walls do come in a number of sizes and modular display systems (combining many panels to make one single screen). When you are choosing the right-sized wall, you have to select the same for the kind of event you are catering to. For example for a movie night, you may require a 7’ x 12’ screen but for a huge concert the screen size should justify the event, it should be something like 18’ x 25’ backdrop.

2) When mobility is an issue

The LED screen is best utilized when they can be easily moved. Since LED TVs need to be hoisted up a platform one must choose LED screen rentals in UAE rentals that can be moved around like an ATV and moved up and down with ease. It’s mostly good for events such as golf tournaments or marathons or for movie viewing; it enhances the viewing experience to a great extent.

3) Exposure on event LED video walls

Consider flashing sponsors’ names on LED video walls to attract the attention of the sponsors. This creates a greater impression than taking help from traditional approaches such as using banners and so on. Another example will be using full-powered digital advertising; this will help promote the brand.

4) Know about the pixel pitch

Pixel pitch, the key spec determines the person’s viewing distance from the screen. The pixel density is the measurement of distance in millimeters between two pixels on an LED panel. The size of the event and the viewing distance of the wall determine which pixel pitch you must choose. It goes without saying that larger LED walls such as a festival backdrop will need a higher pixel pitch majorly because of the size and audience that view the wall.

5) Location of your Event

The location of your event is mostly dependant on the weather. For example, if it is hot outside then you can shift your event inside. It is important to get a versatile LED wall that works indoors and outdoors both. Otherwise, you can choose a video wall that suits your event, whether it is hosted indoors or outside.  There are some basic differences between Indoor screens and outdoor screens, indoor screens are non-weatherproof, smaller and have a lower pixel pitch when compared to outdoor screens.

6) It all comes down to the crowd

Check out the kind of gathering you are expecting for an upcoming event, the bigger the crowd you need a larger LED screen so that the crowd gets a better view.

7) Getting clear typography and graphics

Whenever you are renting an LED wall, ensure your text and graphics are pretty big so that they are viewable from a distant distance. Another point to note is that you must avoid bright white backdrops as they fail to highlight the messages. Test it before the event so that you can avoid mid-event glitches.

8) Ensure social engagement

Today’s technology can allow social media feeds to appear on your event LED screens and give the audience to directly participate in the action. It also adds a fun element to the event when the audience member gets to see their profile picture of social media flashed right across the big screen, it instantly connects with your audience.

9) The installation and the tear-down

Installation and the tear-down process vary according to the type of LED screen rental in Dubai that you choose. Ensure you choose an LED rental that is easy to assemble by yourself and you do not require professional people to set it up. Easy set-up options are the best as it is more affordable.

10) LED Rental Company that lends the most support

Always go for an LED wall rental company that can provide technical insight whenever you need it. You must ensure help is at hand if anything goes wrong. You must get the best-LED screens to ensure that your event is a grand success.