LED Screen for Hire and Event LED Screen Rentals

What is the best way to engage your audience? Well, when it comes to catching the attention of the audience you cannot look beyond the event LED screen rental. Let’s just say an event is never complete without utilizing good LED screen rentals. By events, we mean large concerts, marathons, well-organized galas, fun movie nights, the list goes on.

Event LED Screen RentalsTimes have changed and events are now larger than life and no events can be successful without the intervention of quality LED screens. So, if there is an upcoming event looming large before you, here’s how you can make the most of it with a huge video-content display system. But the question you may ask is aren’t it just too costly, it’s very well getting the best-LED screens on board, but what if it does not cater to your budget? Don’t worry LED screen rentals in Dubai can fulfill the gap between consumerism and affordability.

If you haven’t tried screen rentals before, don’t worry there’s always a first time and once you try it out, there’s simply no looking back. Here are some tips to help you choose the best screen rentals,

Event LED Screen Rental – Top Tips to Choose the Right One 

1) Choosing the Right LED wall? Focus on the Size

LED walls are available in several sizes and there is a spike in popularity especially when it comes to the modular display systems (this is a combination of small panels into one large screen). You can choose the right-sized wall according to your choice. For example, if you are choosing something for a movie night, a 7’ x 12’ screen is the best choice but if you are planning for something on a larger scale such as a professional concert you can choose an 18’ x 25’ screen size.

2) Mobility concerns

LED screens are large, so you need to choose something that can be portable. It is especially helpful if it can be carried around in a small vehicle such as ATV. It’s the best for moving around sports events such as marathons or golf tournaments or if you want to arrange for an impromptu movie night. It is easy to set up and easy to dismantle as well and what’s more it can also be driven off with ease.

3) Renting even screens? Know all about the pixel pitch your screen will need

Pixel pitch is the spec that determines how can a person view the screen from a distance. Pixel density is measured in millimeters based on two pixels on an LED panel. You have to select the right one, focusing on the size and viewing distance of the same. For something like a festival backdrop, you will require a higher pixel pitch so that the audience can view the wall well. Event LED screens rental with lower pitches are viewable from a closer distance, in small events such as a bike race, storefront retail display, and so on.

4) Is it an outdoor or indoor event

Some versatile LED walls are perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. But sometimes you have to choose LED walls as per the weather. If you are catering to a small close-knit indoors event, then choose something with a lower pixel pitch, and obviously, you have to select a screen with a higher pixel pitch when you host an outdoor event.

5) A big crowd? No hassles!

If you have a large crowd for an upcoming event, then rent a screen rental for a higher pixel. Ensure that your large crowd has a pleasurable viewing experience. With an appropriate LED screen. You can get a fair idea about the size screen and accordingly you can choose the right pixel pitch.

6) Installation method

Are you afraid that you won’t be able to install the LED screen well or on your own? Don’t worry there is quality LED screen rental in Dubai that won’t mess up your budget yet will provide all the amenities you need to kickstart a smooth installation process. They will ensure everything, right from the installation to the tear-down process will be conducted with professional help. Yes, that’s true you don’t have to hire outside help to conduct all the processes.

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