Tips One Must Know Before Renting a Laptop in Dubai

Laptop Rentals is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets in countries like Dubai. To rent a laptop in Dubai, all you need to do is to find the right laptop leasing companies online. You can get in touch with them and choose the laptop model you intend to rent. The best part about leasing is that you can pay monthly fees. Therefore, it wouldn’t be burdening. And, when the lease is over, you can decide whether to continue or not. But, before renting a laptop, you must follow few crucial tips to rent the right laptop from the right laptop rental Dubai.

Renting a Laptop in DubaiHere mentioned are some of the tips to follow before considering to rent a laptop in Dubai:-

Select the right model

To find the right model, you need to look for suitable technical specifications such as CPU, RAM, video card, display size and resolution, etc. Generally, high-end devices are more preferable, but their rental rates are higher than low-end models. So, in order to be cost-efficient, you must choose the laptop model that is just the right for your needs. For example, if you are going to use the laptop outdoors, then you may get a model with high display brightness. And, if there is a need to attach accessories to the device, see to it that you have the necessary ports particularly HDMI and USB.

Also, while checking out the model, you must consider the operating system, configuration and generation of the laptop. You may need Macintosh or even an Ubuntu/Linux will suffice for you.  As far as configuration is concerned, Corei3 is really a starting configuration where as Corei5, core i7 and most recent corei9 is useful for a variety of applications and projects. Older generation laptops are generally heavier and slower in speed, while from generation 4-5th there has been a considerable improvement.

Check out the price of the laptop

Opting for the latest model is the best but if there is a model that has similar features at a lower price, then it would be better to go for a reasonably lower-priced laptop. An easy way of looking at rentals is that monthly rental for the long term will be 4-5% of the basic market price of the laptop. So, if a laptop costs 40,000/ in the market, you can get it on rent at 1800-2000. Apart from checking out the price, you must also enquire about the monthly fees you need to pay if you lease the laptop. Also, check the required amount for the deposit.

Determine if you can negotiate

One of the good things about renting a laptop in Dubai is that you can negotiate. The price that you see online is not necessarily the amount that you will pay in the end. Some leasing companies are willing to negotiate; therefore, you can talk things over until you get the amount that you want.

Check for the Laptop Service Facility

It is important to note that not necessarily all companies provide free service while renting. Hence, while renting a laptop, you must meticulously check for the terms of service and replacement, in case there is any software or hardware issue in the laptop later on.

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