Key Features of the Best Gaming Laptop Rental in Dubai

If you are looking for optimal gaming experience on laptops in Dubai, then you are in the right place. Why opt for gaming laptop rental in Dubai when you can buy a laptop? Well, it gives you all the experience at a lower price. Let’s discuss more gaming laptops and how it is capturing the mind map of the Dubaites.

The specialist Gaming Laptop is one of the most requested laptops. Top rental companies offer this type of top-notch gaming experience in portable laptop form.  There are companies such as Sumantra not only offers top-notch laptops but a team of expert technicians ready to resolve your problems. Services include yearly warranty repairs, software installation problems and so on.

Gaming Laptop rental in Dubai

Cloud gaming is one of the latest technological innovations in recent years. Playing games usually require a high-powered, expensive gaming laptop. Explore the best cloud gaming services that deliver exactly what it promises.

Here are the features you must look for in your gaming laptop rental in Dubai.

Top Features of the Best Gaming Laptop Rental in Dubai

What are the key features of gaming laptops? Is it graphics or RAM which separates it from regular laptops? We discuss some of the most important features of gaming laptops here.

  1. Graphics:

Invariably the best gaming laptops must have impressive graphics. When you are considering buying a laptop for trying out gaming rather than anything else invest in one which has the best and the most advanced graphics card or what is known as the graphics chipset. Evaluate and upgrade the graphics card on the laptop as per the need.

Invest in graphics chipsets by NVIDIA as it offers integrated chipset from other manufacturers and is particularly effective for 3D powered gaming.

Ensure a terrific performance as you save battery power with the best The ATI Mobility Radeon 9700. It can perform a huge number of functions, such as 3D, mobile video editing video, HDTV, and graphics processor.

  1. RAM:

RAM is one of the key factors in procuring a quality laptop for the purpose of gaming. RAM or what is known as random access memory is the multiple programs running on your laptops without facing hurdles of a slowdown. Enthusiastic gamers must at least aim for 512MB or a substantial amount of ram as this promises a large memory required to run graphics for gaming. Simply said, more RAM equates more opportunities for gaming. There are a few laptops that promise a lot of RAM! For quality video graphics, 3D, you need more RAM like 2G or more.

Laptops also boast of VRAM or video RAM which is memory plus a graphics card (ATI Radeon) Its memory is in MB including space such as 32MB, 64MB, & 128MB. This RAM is a special one as it uses laptops with video adapters and dabbles in graphics. VRAM is very effective and is suited to gaming, especially 3D gaming. NVIDIA enforce is regarded as a popular graphics cards.

  1. Processor:

A laptop with the best CPU speed probably has the best processor or hard drive. One thing we all find annoying is to have your computer crash in the midst of an on-so-interesting game. It is called the computer’s brain not without good reason & the quality impacts the performance of the computer. The processor speed is expressed in gigahertz. Intel Core 2 Duo tops the list of the most popular brands of processor. And for gaming, you need an impressive speed to say 2.4GHz, sometimes even more.

Serial Advanced Technology Architecture (SATA) is one of the best laptops as it requires minimal power when compared to the rest of the hard drives also it is not restricted to a set clock speed. Ensure you use a hi-power hard drive speed for laptops suitable for gaming purposes as much as 7200rpm.


A gaming laptop rental Dubai requires the right screen specifications. The bigger the screen, the better the experience, you need a 17-inch widescreen which will help give you wonderful gaming experience. The two features that make for a great gaming laptop is the right Resolution and the right display quality; this enables better handling of 3D gaming graphics.

Among a plethora of available display resolutions, the WUXGA is arguably the best for its features, impressive display resolution, and screen aspect ratio.  Whenever you select the best laptop for gaming ensure you get a combination of great features such as graphics, RAM, speed processor and so on. You can experience an out of the world gaming experience.

If you are planning to buy Laptop Rental for Gaming on a daily basis, you can go for hiring one for a month or even a week. This way you can own a laptop for a short period of time without spending a lot of money and then return it when you need a more upgraded version.

Whether you are hosting a gaming event or buying laptops in bulk for gaming purposes only, renting one will make it cheaper. Just look for a quality laptop that will cater to all your gaming needs.